Welcome to the world of Von Crumb; specialising in mind-blowing Schnitzels - buttermilked, panko crumbed, golden fried, chicken thigh - you name it.

Vegetarian, you say? We’ve got you covered. You can choose between halloumi (that’s what the cheese said it itself in the mirror) or chicken. Which came first, the halloumi or the chicken?

You know what they say - if the sun’s out, the crumb is out. Kidding. No one has ever said that before. But seriously, no matter the season, everyone loves a good Schnit. We make the best damn schnitty in Melbourne. And that’s a direct quote from a crumbstomer.

Our Schnitz are served on pretzel rolls, in bowls or with chips. With refined and explosive flavours, these next level Schnitties will give you a spring in your step. Von Crumb is straight to the point, the cheeky smile that brightens your day. Von Crumb tells it like it is.